2nd Sunday of every month • 2:00pm – 2:30pm (ET)
Next classes: November 14th, December 12th/ 2021, January 9th/ 2022
Online via Zoom • All levels + Beginner-friendly
You’re invited to savour a therapeutic nidra nap alongside my caring guidance. We will begin by settling into presence with the Heart’s wisdom, allowing you to share some qualities that would support you in the moment (e.g. ease, compassion). You may then rest back in your nest and enjoy a co-creative nidra resonating the group’s needs and intentions. Wrapping up with grounding exercises, you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of the day with renewed energy.

Free admission!
— New to nidra? Here’s a brief introduction to get you oriented.
— Reserve your space at least 15 minutes before class starts using the form below. The Zoom link will be e-mailed to you before class.

*You may stop or restart this request at any time.


September 23rd – October 28th/ 2021 • Thursdays 8:00pm – 9:00pm (ET)
Next session: November 4th – December 9th/ 2021
Online via Zoom • All levels + Beginner-friendly
Join me for a chill evening wind-down as we prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. Together we will flow through a tranquil combination of gentle mindful movement, restorative postures, soothing breath/ energy work, mantra and sound, and guided relaxation, all within the framework of yoga nidra. You’re welcomed to bundle up in your comfiest PJs and practice on your bed or a mat beside, with the convenient option to continue resting afterward. Props we’ll be using include 2-3 cushy things (e.g. bolsters and/ or pillows), 1-2 foldable blankets, and an eye covering (e.g. eye pillow, mask, or scarf). Enjoy a free 30-minute practice video version of this class!

Fees: $75 – $135 CAD sliding scale/ 6-week session or $22.50 CAD/ single class
Class passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
New students are required to fill out an intake form (group classes).
— Register by e
-transferring the appropriate amount to (within Canada) or PayPal (outside Canada) at least 3 hours before class starts. The Zoom link will be e-mailed to you before class.


By appointment • 1.5 hour initial session; 1 hour follow-ups 
In-studio at The Nidra Nest (COVID-19 protocols) or Online via Zoom • Adaptive levels
Enjoy a private, semi-private, or private group yoga session to assist your unique wellness journey(s). Each session may include a personalized practice harnessing particular elements from the therapeutic yoga toolbox (e.g. mindful movement, restorative postures, breath/ energy work, mantra and sound, Ayurvedic head massage) plus a custom-tailored yoga nidra, and/ or experiential workshops and programs for enriching your personal practice (psst… I’d love to get nidra-nerdy with you!). Recordings of your yoga nidra guides will be provided.

I can help support…  
Improved sleep quality
Stress and anxiety relief
Emotional resilience
Pain management
Enhanced cognition
Personal growth
Creative development
Spiritual exploration

Fees: $300 – $540 CAD sliding scale/ 6 sessions or $90/ single session
— Session passes are non-refundable and valid within three months of purchase.
New clients are required to fill out an intake form (private sessions).
— Confirm your appointment by e-transferring the
 appropriate amount to (within Canada) or PayPal (outside Canada) at least 24 hours before the appointment start time.

Know someone in need of quality RnR? Gifts cards are available for all paid services!

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Yoga is a complementary wellness tool; it may assist but not replace treatments and practices recommended by healthcare professionals. For help with clinical health concerns, first and foremost see a family physician or appropriate specialist. These include clinical psychologists, registered social workers, and registered psychotherapists for addressing mental health concerns, as traditional counselling modalities are outside my scope of practice.
Rather, I offer training in yogic techniques that may synergistically support mental health within trauma-sensitive class environments. If you have more questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out.