Adaptive levels • Beginner-friendly • Trauma-sensitive

Nidra Restore (1.5 hour) – Gentle mindful movement, restorative postures, soothing breath work, Ayurvedic head massage, and a restful yoga nidra to support a peaceful night’s sleep. Limited to 5 people so that everyone receives plenty of attentive care. 
Date: TBA
Location: In-studio at The Nidra Nest
$30 CAD/ person

Co-Creative Nidra (40 minutes) – Responsive yoga nidra for nourishing the group’s unique needs and intentions, e.g. Ease, compassion.
Date: TBA
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: $10-$15 CAD/ person


Adaptive levels • Beginner-friendly • Trauma-sensitive
Offered at The Nidra Nest or online via Zoom

Therapeutic Yoga (40 minutes or 1 hour) Custom designed therapeutic yoga practice which may include mindful movements on a yoga mat, bed, and/ or chair, restorative postures, breath work, Ayurvedic head massage, and yoga nidra.

Nidra Therapy (40 minutes) – Custom designed yoga nidra practice for nourishing your unique needs and intentions. Recordings available for home practice.

40 minute sessions: $200 CAD/ four or $60/ single
1 hour sessions: $300 CAD/ four or $90/ single
Sessions are non-refundable and valid within four months of purchase.
Gift cards available.

I specialized in supporting folks experiencing insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, burnout, and chronic disease.

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Yoga is a complementary wellness tool; it may assist but not replace treatments and practices recommended by healthcare professionals. For help with clinical health concerns, first and foremost see a family physician or appropriate specialist. These include clinical psychologists, registered social workers, and registered psychotherapists for addressing mental health concerns, as traditional counselling modalities are outside my scope of practice. Rather, I offer training in yogic techniques that may synergistically support mental health within trauma-sensitive class environments. If you have more questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out.