Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is a powerful meditative state where awareness is maintained as the body paradoxically settles into deep slumber, allowing for an intimate reunion with the personal and collective Soul. It can be trained through self-practice or the guidance of a facilitator, and offer therapeutic treasures in the process. Yoga nidra practices are diversely adaptogenic, holding space for each individual to heal and grow in their own unique way. This could mean a much needed snooze, wakeful relaxation, resolution of a previously repressed emotion, or even some creative insights– the gifts can be surprising and bountiful, especially with consistent practice.

To prepare yourself, ensure that you are comfortable, warm, and supported so your that body can ease into stillness. Pictured below are a couple postures that work well for most folks (plus pile on a blanket or two), though please do listen to your body as it will provide the best guidance in finding the coziest position for you. Yoga props may be substituted with pillows, blankets, sweaters, eye masks, and/ or scarves. A big “DO NOT DISTURB” sign is also recommended!

Listen In – Settling into a receptive space for deep inner listening β€’ 14:32 πŸŒ“ πŸŒ•

Safe Nest – Building a foundation of safety and security within β€’ 23:53 πŸŒ‘ πŸŒ“

Spacious Ease – Feeling into the vast spaciousness that resides within and all around us β€’ Coming soon πŸŒ“ | Music: Meditative Mind – 174 Hz Pain Relief

Body Appreciation – Growing gratitude for our bodies in all of their wonder, complexity, and resilience β€’ 17:25 πŸŒ“ πŸŒ•

Healing Moonlight – Resting in mindful self-compassion for coping with emotional stress β€’ 30:40 πŸŒ‘ πŸŒ“ | Music: Meditative Mind – 417 Hz Cleanse Negative Energy

Mindful Mayas – Cultivating present moment awareness of our body, breath, mind, inner wisdom, and joyful essence; illuminating the pathway home to our true Self β€’ 39:22 πŸŒ‘Β πŸŒ“ πŸŒ•

Grow Love, Give Love – Opening our hearts to ourselves, a loved one, and the connection between (three-layer maitri) β€’ 20:43 πŸŒ“ πŸŒ•

Lullaby – Soothing our bodies into conscious sleep with gentle rhythms and rotations β€’ 20:30 πŸŒ‘ | Music: Faith’s Hymn – Beautiful Chorus

πŸŒ‘ Sleep nidra – Practices for transitioning into sleep
πŸŒ“ Nidra nap – Practices for any time during waking hours
πŸŒ• Waking nidra – Practices for transitioning into wakefulness