Astrological Empathy

Millions and billions of stars inside my head…
Each star
connected to another star
connected to another star
connected to another star
connected to another star
to form an intricate,
complex web and

They tell tales;
paved by the past
activated in the present
to map out the river-flow of the future and
this is the story
of our  c o n s t e l l a t i o n s.

At times,
one constellation may wonder why
another constellation is a rra     n  ge      d
the way it is
a     r         ra   n    ged.

With an infinite number of properties and combinations possible,
we must see that
every constellation is unique and
present for reasons beyond
conscious understanding.

Perhaps an earth-wide acceptance of human astrology is the key to
Peaceful      Progress.

You say you want bones, But…

The Gorilla's ThroneOn Her Rumble HOUSE Throne: 14″ x 20″ Acrylic on Corrugated Panel 
Painting by Rich Theroux

You say you want bones but
bones never quite do
No, they never do because once you have bones
you’ll only want more
so don’t wait for more bones to emerge out from beneath
the waves of your sheaths
because the pretty mirrors
aren’t always so clean—
with a noisy fog that constantly hovers
from the the fights with your mother
to the judgement from your brothers
to the shame from your lover
to the lies from magazine covers.
Its only when your Body lay
paralyzed in pain
fire turned to ashes
washing your breath away…
on the bathroom floor
It’s only then you might realize
that she deserves so much more
More than the bullshit that’s been poisoning her hearts core:
—body hatred as normative
the Body is divine—
her lungs fill you with energetic life
her brain holds a brilliant mind
her muscles and bones allow you to dance in the sky
and her warm heart: a beautiful kind.
Your Body is divine
so give her instead
unconditional love and empathy
Listen to her cries and respond
and soon you’ll see:
a firm promise she keeps
with no one else to please
she’ll joyfully set you free.