Yoni Shakti Rising

Meditating Women: 6″ x 8″ x 1.5″ Acrylic on Birch Panels
Inspired by a series of solo meditation retreats and dedicated to all badass femmes, activists, and healers alike

Be aware of this movement. She is growing and unstoppable.
Yoni Shakti is rising, and you’d best be accountable.
Yoginis and allies: spread the word.
The fire of surivors will be heard,
so that femmes may reclaim yoga in it’s original canvas–
a powerful tool for healing and justice.

A list of highly positioned yoga teachers who have enacted gender-based abuse to students, along with their supporting institutions.

Cautionary indicators that a yoga teacher, community, and/ or institution may be perpetrating gender-based abuse.

NINE CALLS TO ACTION [info] [poster]
What we must do to effectively resist and dismantle industrial yoga’s structures of gender-based abuse.

Yoga techniques to avoid or practice with caution throughout the womb’s various cycles and conditions.

How to heal yourself from the inside out

HippocampusThe Birth and Death of Memories: 800 x 524 px
Golgi Stain of the Hippocampus by The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Step 1:
Sit and
peel away the layers
Take time to
observe all
nooks and crannies
everywhere and
in between
delicate folds
within your
deepest sheaths.
Step 2:
Hold your wounds
with a quality of
warmth and
Listen to your heart and
every beat it echoes as you
Honor and
its raw exposure.
Embrace this
divine mass and
you’ll always
Be there.
Step 3:
Love and be loved.
that mushy goo
out of every cell in your
Connect with other
and allow them to
beat beside you
in a
triumphant rhythm
that    roars
all that is
across the sky.

My Mother’s Plants

SunburstSunburst: 24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas Print

The plants that
inside my mother’s house are
Gorgeously Blooming
all year long
Radiant Life.

She hasn’t read a single book on
horticulture or
used a special fertilizer but I think
they   trust   her.
Although they haven’t been around her whole life
I have a feeling they Know

all the meals she cooked for us
all the messes she cleaned up after us
all the dreams she made real for us and
all the nuturance she channeled to us
when we had fallen to the ground and could not get up
on our own–

I have a good feeling they Know
that she risked her life escaping war for us
that she worked day and night to build a better life for us
that she breathed patiently throughout our reckless years for us and
that she loved us to the moon no matter what.

I’m fairly certain they’ve always Known
that their life was sown
Selfless   Hands
enamoured with
more than enough
they needed to   g r o w.

You are not allowed to be an asshole!

You are not allowed to be an asshole
I don’t care if you’re running for local office or president of the United States
You’re just not allowed to be an asshole!

Even if you are a back up dancer for Beyonce or
look like Jennifer Lawrence or
Orlando Bloom or
any other gorgeous celebrity who can shoot arrows like a boss.

Even if you won sixteen trophies from wrestling, football, rugby, and squash
I don’t care if you ran nine marathons or can successfully stick your ankles behind your head…
Oh and by the way, namaste to you too, betches
Thanks for turning a beautiful Hindu practice into an expensive ego trip.

Every human being has a story and a struggle
Your fancy schmancy shit does not put you above that
sex worker
homeless man
pregnant teenager
or person with addictions
You are not allowed to be an asshole to them

Even if you own a 1000 leather bound books or your apartment smells like rich mahogany
Even if you can tell me precisely how old this wine is or know the entire history of Pablo Picasso’s paintings.

You are not allowed to be an asshole
Even if you can regurgitate social justice rhetoric while juggling knives on a unicycle or work for the U.N.
In that case, you need to stop being a hypocritical asshole

And to be frank, I don’t care if you single handedly prevented a pandemic or discovered a cure for premenstrual cramps…


I guess if you found a cure for premenstrual cramps,
you might be allowed to be an asshole…

Though until then,

The Blues

I swayed with them amidst the Armageddon.
– between meteors –
we held each other and
Moved our hips
in smooth synchrony.

For some reason,
the Lowly Blues
were the only thing that could move me;
Not walking to the grocery store or
to my own kitchen to say the least.

It was either
slow dancing
half sleeping
in a dissociative haze.

But I don’t think they knew how much our dances meant to me.
I don’t think they knew how important they were to me in that moment in time.

As we drifted in slow rhythms, our bodies so close
sung me calm.

Not flinching
as meteors stormed my head.

My head that retaliated,
and rightfully so.
My head that longed for these round, orange pills
my doctor used to give me.

I didn’t have a lot of friends around back then, but a
Community of blues dancers came
to my 26th birthday.
I made them a big chocolate cake as of to say:
Thank you for getting me out of bed last year.

I don’t think they knew this though.
I don’t think they knew how much our dances meant to me.
I don’t think they knew how important they were in that moment in time.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga NidraYoga Nidra: 20″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Year after year,
living blindly in loopy chains,
‘till Life pinned me so eloquently to a corner where from myself,
I could not escape.
She told me, “The architecture of your brain needs to change–
you can no longer run, skip, and jump far, far away,
from your internal pains.”
Meditate to medicate.
Day after day now,
my Heart leads the way.

Yoga nidra is a relaxation practice that allows the practitioner to gain deep insight and awareness into unconscious areas of the brain. It subsequently cultivates an ability to rewire samskaras (ingrained patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviours) in a willful manner which in turn assists a way of intentional living. This piece represents the process of yoga nidra: In the center lies deep, dark, unconscious samskaras– that is, outside of our awareness. As we practice, these patterns gradually flow into the light… such like training a skillful eye with acute abilities. The process is slow moving and not always pleasant; painful samskaras present themselves vividly. However, when awareness is established, change is possible. Positive intentions called sankalpas are planted and cultivated– such ones that bring liberation.

Macrocircles, Microcircles

As I sit at this round table
with the socially condemned
the deviant and
divine human souls
not otherwise specified,

I cannot help but ponder the nature and formation of the Universe,
so dreadfully random.
–this unjust genetic lottery
–these cursed phenotypic fates
that we
so-called “unlucky losers”

When it was her turn,
one teenaged girl asked,
“OK so, should I read a poem about hating my body or attempting to kill myself?”
We find nihilistic and
comical moments like these through our suffering and
sure, there is a beauty and artistry and
safety and
release which
runs through circles like these   but.

What happens when it breaks?
We go home and the torture lives on
these conniving neurochemical demons
swim around
like a basin of poisoned water
swishing around in
volatile   circles.

If only the compassionate energy of this macrocircle could
completely replace the suffering of these microcircles.

I will never stop praying for us.
I will never stop fighting for us.
I will never stop researching for us.

Off with my head!

NO, I will not have a threesome with you
NO, I do not want to DO everyone
NO, I am not just going through a phase
Nor will I pick a side.

NO, attention is actually the last thing I need when kissing a femme and
NO, I do not have to sleep with a man, woman, trans, and non-binary individual
one by one
on your living room couch
to prove my identity to you.

BURN ME AT THE STAKE why don’t you?
’cause I’m pansexual.

I am also a scientist and
an artist and
I like to swim and dance
I like the show 30 Rock and
I know this is kind of intense and
a little TMI but…
sometimes before really busy work weeks,
I like to make big pots of soup
let them cool
and then pack them in portioned out Tupperwares
so I don’t have to worry so much about cooking later.

…in any case, you best
’cause I’m pansexual!!!
I will seduce your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, and pet cat to leave you!
I define sacrilegious–
Shaking my hand will give you an STI!

before I infect the town with crabs!
at all women’s bathrooms

Go on
forget equal human rights
Continue killing off my kind with stigma-induced suicide
It’s for the betterment of society after all
and if you want to keep your cat.