Hello, my name is Kimberley Luu and I’m a therapeutic yoga teacher specializing in yoga nidra, the art of yogic sleep. My affection for yoga nidra birthed from thousands of dreadful nights wrestling with sleep disorders; for a long time, it was the only thing that could grant me a moment’s peace. Since finding sweet solace on my yoga mat in 2008, I’ve been blessed to train with many wonderful yoga therapists and trailblazers of yoga nidra both locally and internationally. Throughout this ongoing journey, I’ve remediated wounds of structured oppression within my body and willfully reclaimed rest as a radical act for reparative justice. Grateful for the abundance of healing I’ve experienced, it is now my heartfelt duty to share these gifts. I love facilitating serene encounters with deep restoration in The Nidra Nest (home studio), my broader community in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, and beyond. Strongly rooted in dedicated practice, I integrate my backgrounds in applied health science and expressive arts to offer out this beautiful tradition with intelligence, creativity, and care.

Primary Training Lineage


Bachelor of Science in Honors Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
— Relevant Courses: Human Anatomy; Human Physiology; Biomechanics of Human Movement; Human Gait, Posture, and Balance; Exercise Physiology; Exercise Management; Injury Prevention; Prevention Neuroscience; Physiological Psychology; Psychological Determinants of Health; Social Psychology of Physical Activity; Social Determinants of Health; Sociology of Physical Activity

Master of Science in Health Studies and Gerontology, University of Waterloo
— Relevant Courses: Lifespan Approaches to Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Positive Psychology
— Research: Investigating the effects of aerobic activity, hatha yoga, and mindfulness meditation on cognitive function, emotional health, and health behavior


Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher (300 HR), Yoga Therapy Toronto
Certified Restorative Yin Teacher (20 HR), Yoga Therapy Toronto
Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Candidate (70 HR), Total Yoga Nidra
Living Yoga Philosophy (60 HR), Pranalife Yoga


Integrative Restoration Nidra, Richard Miller, PhD, CPsych, C-IAYT
Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh, Engaged Buddhist Monk
Self-Compassion, Kristin Neff, PhD
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Nicole Brown Faulknor, RP (Q), CAPT, TCTSY-F
Tibetan Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek, Expert Oneironaut