What is yoga nidra?

I have been formally practicing yoga nidra for six years yet to this day find myself at loss trying to define it for people. If I have two seconds, I usually say something like “powerful guided relaxation,” but I know this simply could never do it justice.

How do I even begin to articulate the ways that yoga nidra practices have, for example, connected me with my ancestors? Or, uprooted and healed wounds that I had no idea existed prior? Or, snapped me out of more than several unhealthy habits that had been on replay since childhood? Or, amplified these intuitive inner voices during times of distress and confusion? Or, reliably led many creative projects through an effortless stream of unfolding? Or, granted me access to the wonderful world of lucid dreaming? Or, guided me into a space I can call home, wherever my physical geography?

Now don’t get me wrong—sometimes I really just need a yoga nidra practice to relax me after a stressful day or clock me out at a reasonable hour. It is not always a majestic experience, nor does it have to be. Plus, the ways in which yoga nidra practices meet each individual is very unique.

So although I cannot speak on behalf of what yoga nidra could be for you, I can tell you that there are a depth of treasures to be found beyond its much sought-after sedative effects.

If you are interested in exploring where yoga nidra could take you and not sure where to start, I would love to be of support.