A Yogic Prayer for Ahimsa (Non-Violence)

May we always practice growing conscious of how we interact with all living beings—humans, animals, and plants alike—respecting the unity of life and reducing our collective suffering as much as we are able.

May we recognize that sexism, racism, LGBTQ+ discrimination, classism, and ableism are humankind’s samskaras (ingrained patterning), serving as systematized frameworks for violence. With this higher awareness, may we override these lower level processes and replace them instead with equality, justice, and peace.

May we stand tall with survivors of violence, amplifying their voice in strategic resistance. May we likewise channel our empathetic sorrows into compassionate action.

May we not forgot to heal our own wounds with tender love, and strive to halt the cycles of harm within and around us.

May our methods for addressing harm be wise, assertive, and patient. May we find the strength to transform our anger, judgement, and fears into a steady flame for diplomatic problem solving.

May we continually cultivate qualities of loving-kindness, empathetic joy, compassion, and equanimity, and allow that energy to ripple with gentle persistence into the karmic ocean of earth.

May we utilize the sacred practices of yoga intelligently to revolutionize the above ideals into reality.

Om Shanti Om.