Macrocircles, Microcircles

As I sit at this round table
with the socially condemned
the deviant and
divine human souls
not otherwise specified,

I cannot help but ponder the nature and formation of the Universe,
so dreadfully random.
—this unjust genetic lottery
—these cursed phenotypic fates
that we
so-called “unlucky losers”

When it was her turn,
one teenaged girl asked,
“OK so, should I read a poem about hating my body or attempting to kill myself?”
We find nihilistic and
comical moments like these through our suffering and
sure, there is a beauty and artistry and
safety and
release which
runs through circles like these   but.

What happens when it breaks?
We go home and the torture lives on
these conniving neurochemical demons
swim around
like a basin of poisoned water
swishing around in
volatile   circles.

If only the compassionate energy of this macrocircle could
completely replace the suffering of these microcircles.

I will never stop praying for us.
I will never stop fighting for us.
I will never stop researching for us.