you will sweat...

you will curse...

you will see results


I believe in balance for the body and the mind…

Fitness isn’t just something I sprinkle in to my “real life” – for me, it IS my life. I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition coach, and Health and Wellness Editor for TORONTOGUARDIAN.COM.

Personal Training

Reach your personal best
Personal training with me is just that... It's Personal

Personal training with me is just that. It’s personal. For some it means I’m pushing your limits so you can reach your personal best. For others it means I’m slowly helping rehabilitate your injuries. I often use HIIT (high intensity interval training) because it’s a great workout method that produces amazing results by burning more calories during and after your workout. I also incorporate Pilates to strengthen your core and smaller but equally important muscles. You’ll never really know what to expect, which is exactly what your body needs.

Group Fitness

A motivating environment for Fitness
Group fitness is a wonderfully motivating environment

An environment for partners and teams to get fit together. I offer HIIT outdoor bootcamps (high intensity interval training) with battling ropes, agility ladders, smash balls and cardio drills. Or if you want a slightly slower pace, Flex and Stretch in the office over lunch helps correct your posture and loosen tight muscles from sitting at a desk all day long. Whatever your needs are, I’ve got you covered. I’ll bring the gear, you bring cheer.


Happy and healthy employees
It’s no secret that happy and healthy employees are more productive.

Companies are starting to invest in corporate wellness and there’s no better way to start than a Lunch N’ Learn. Contact me for a breakdown of the various teaching topics. Ask about the healthy lunch samples I provide as well. I also offer condo gym demos and lectures. Fancy gym machines can be intimidating and complicated. I can show your residents how to use machines safely and how to incorporate them into a workout. Lectures can also be booked; topics include weight management, muscle gain, cross-training for runners, and more.


The numbers can tell you a lot
6.3 million

adults are obese in Canada. *source: www.statcan.gc.ca

10,000 steps

can improve your health dramatically

150 minutes

of moderate aerobic activity a week recommended by doctors

3 sessions a week

of strength training with me to see results

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